Navigating a Knee-jerk Culture

Women Of Purpose

Have you ever been with someone you wanted to get away from? What about someone you could spend all day with and it felt too short?

Welcome to the world of energy givers and energy takers. Which are you? Everyone tends toward one or the other (of course it depends on wh...

Do you ever see patterns in your life? Topics that seem to come up regularly or seasonally? Well I've recently noticed one in ours. We seem to be on a two year rotation.

Around one and half years we start to get the bug to travel or add something adventurous to our liv...

A few years ago I had a bicycling accident. I wasn't wearing a helmet when I catapulted over the bicycle. I put my arms out to brace my fall and broke both of my arms and dislocated my wrist. This traumatic accident resulted in surgery where I received three plates and...

The two feet between our chairs felt more like miles.

How did we get here? Is it possible to experience kindness and love toward each other? Forever seems too long. I’m tired.

I sat genuinely confused. How could I fix our marriage when I didn’t understand how it
became b...

Movie trailers and sports highlight reels entice us to buy a ticket to the show or game. That’s their whole purpose.

Have you ever watched a movie trailer and then bought the ticket without doing any
additional research? You get to the theater in plenty of time to grab...

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Hi, I'm Lana Leigh Wilkens. So glad you're here!

am an author and speaker who challenges parents to avoid group-think, so they can connect with their kids, free themselves from the knee-jerk lifestyle & train their children for an adventure. 

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