What steals your family adventure?

The Wilkens-C B Favorites Cinn Toast-003

+ comparison

+ too busy

+ fear

+ need for perfection

+ financial assumptions

+ kid's behavior

Hi, I'm Lana Leigh Wilkens,
mother to 6 adventurous kids!

Wonder how you can get time to do what you enjoy?

Does all the conflicting advice out there feel confusing?

Want more peace in your life?

How can we enjoy our own family without comparison?
What special part is your family meant to play?

I am an author and speaker who helps women
discover their authentic family
values and 
them to ask the right questions
so they can decide with confidence and conviction.

I'm your guide as you navigate conflicting advice, helping you walk in your authentic family values. I'm your brainstorming partner, the one who tells you if your zipper is undone, or if some food is on your face. I'm not a guru or a genie. I'm not a pastor or a teacher.

I'm your catalyst.

Seize your opportunity to know why you do what you do and
impact the culture as you reflect the heart of God in your family!

Using a unique and powerful process, I have become a more confident decision-maker. Family values have bonded our family together and given us direction.

I know it will do the same for you!  


Discover your
authentic Family values 

Image by Gaetano Cessati

M.J., California

Having this mentoring made
me be get specific about what I was going for in life.

Amanda, Texas

Thinking through my values helps me not feel guilty about how I'm spending my time!

Kimberly, Oklahoma

This process kept me on my toes, made us dig deep and have some awesome conversations. So helpful!

Your next decision doesn't have to be stressful