How We Decide

We have six children.
Life does not revolve around them, but
99% of our life involves them.

Below is a value guide for our decisions. These help determine when we
say 'yes' and 'no' to opportunities that come across our path. When approaching a crossroad in life, we consider these stakes in the ground first.


Below the 6th family value, I've included a section that tells what we're up to now. If you're ever curious about our life, that's where I'll put little tidbits and speak more specifically about location and our lifestyle.

Anything you want to know about in particular? Email me; I'm an open book!


Life is complicated enough, so we
haven't delved into all the typical
activities that most Americans love.

We enjoy lives with
margin which 
allow for spontaneity & holy interruption.


There's something special about sharing your heart and soul with another human being. That interchange happens only when both are free to be themselves without easy offense. We have chosen to listen to and host others even when we disagree. We believe we're all better off if our friends love us authentically, which may translate into having to work through difficulties and disagreements together.


Love for Family

We fight to intentionally prioritize saying "yes" to family. The main way we love, in our family, is to physically be together as often as possible which gives us more opportunities to lay our lives down for one another, serve with each other and learn together.

Enjoying one another's sense of humor is key.

Life will get tough and wrinkles will mask our inner youth, yet silliness will shine through all our dead skin cells.

The Poor

We actually phrased it "Poor, Lonely & Brokenhearted." Our family wants to engage people.
We love everyone because God loves them.

Our hearts are drawn to those in need:
homeless, orphans, the elderly, refugees, the preborn 


America: a place where everyone desires to distinguish themselves.
"Uniqueness" has become a commonly held value.

When I say we value uniqueness, I mean that we notice and
appreciate the idiosyncrasies and quirkiness of others.


Also, in case you haven't noticed already, we dislike
conforming to the status quo "just because."


What we're up to

We're full time RVers in Southern California but not in the traditional sense, if there is such a thing!

Our family is living like any other family, but in a travel trailer. We don't travel the country (yet) but stay close to my husband's job with Vivint, a solar utility company. We're a part of a local homeschooling group called Classical Conversations and attend Kairos Christian Church.

Right now I'm looking out over the Cuyamaca Mountains at the sunrise. I generally wake up around 530-630 and go work on my book. That's right, I'm writing a book. It's called Knee-Jerk Mom. It's set to publish in the summer of 2019. One of my favorite groups of people to encourage is new moms. When I was a young mom (I think I still am!!) I had so many women in my life encouraging me. Now, before you get the wrong idea...they weren't all hovered around me offering their wisdom.


I had to seek it out. I read books, asked to meet with people and attended conferences.
Wisdom is a treasure and it's worth seeking after. Okay, so I've been poured into a ton,
and now I want to start pouring out to others. My book is one way for me to respond to
God's call for women to pour into other women. 

Well what do you want to know? Are you curious about our RV living situation? We do laundry in a very unconventional way, deal with some unusual problems and have found creative solutions. The hardest parts I'd imagined are easy and some things I never thought of are the toughest parts. Do you wonder more about child discipline or how we homeschool? Maybe you're just into getting personal updates about what the kids are doing and how they are growing. I'd love to share with you so shoot me an email to give me inspiration for what you'd like to hear.   

Kid Stuff:

Stella has started to talk!
She is saying full sentences, usually the same structure and word choices: I want _______.
Fill in the blank with anything really...more, play, water, eat, uh uh, pointing at something and various other grunts. It's always adorable to watch language develop!

Samuel & Peter are becoming best friends. I almost didn't lump them together, but they are almost always together! It's a beautiful thing to watch them take off on an adventure together. The other day they climbed up and down a foothill to the other side, found and climbed a grapefruit tree and hauled about 10 back to our site for a post adventure celebration. Samuel is becoming quite the voracious reader and I officially cannot read everything he reads first. Peter continues his interest in chemistry & physics (aka mixing things ​together and blowing things up), but don't worry - no sparks!! We are in CA, after all.

Tess is developing into a young lady, a very active, roller-skating young lady. She's my roller derby girl and is rarely seen without her skates on. She is an extremely capable girl.

Harry has jumped out of the toddler phase and into the little boy years. He is lean and getting "bigger and bigger" as he reminds me daily. His personality is starting to develop and he has such a humble and teachable spirit. 

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Lana Leigh Wilkens is an author and speaker who helps women discover their authentic family values and challenges them to ask the right questions so they can decide with confidence and conviction.