When Children Don't Feel Like A Blessing, I...

Can I show you my dirty laundry? Sometimes my kids don't feel like a blessing.

I know...that's terrible right? I should always love and cherish every moment. I mean, every old lady in Target has told me how much I'll miss these days. "The days are long but the years are short." Sure. Maybe.

When I bare my soul to you, it doesn't look all perfect. They say don't show people your dirty laundry. Well, I never liked that advice. We need to feel human. We need to connect with one another over more than just smiley faces, rainbows and perfectly hung onesies.

Speaking of laundry, I just cleaned a used diaper out of the washing machine. Perhaps that's why my children don't feel like a blessing tonight.

Luckily, I don't make decisions based on how I feel, most of the time. My feelings aren't to be trusted.

I'm sure you've also met that sweet, elderly woman in Target, the one who looks at you and your messy life. She thinks back to hers and says, "Enjoy this moment while you have it." Wait.

Enjoy poop in my lap? Enjoy the huge meltdown that 3 kids decided to synchronize in public? Enjoy having to sneak food so I don't have to hear all the whines about how little they get to eat (yeah right!)?

Sometimes my day is filled with anything but peekaboo. There are days when training takes WAY more time than playing. And that can be exhausting and difficult. So what can I do?

God's Discipleship Plan for me My kids teach me all about myself. They show me how much leisure time I expect. Kids force me to face disappointment. Children expose hidden selfishness, unloving attitudes and inconvenienced facial expressions. Somehow they do all of this while having fun. My failings are ever before me, but it's not hopeless. It may be overwhelming, but I will not be overwhelmed.

My feelings cannot rule. Once again I'm faced with The Three Gates.

Someday I'll Be That Old Lady in Target I can picture myself seeing a struggling young mom. I can even hear myself telling her "When kids test us it feels terrible, but remember to hang onto the truth. Your feelings will come and go but the truth is you can only do your best. God know what that is and He is a gap filler."

Even as I write it I can feel the eye roll of my younger self. No matter how well said, or how well meaning, it can be hard to accept perspective in the thick of trials. A quiet prayer and a smile may communicate it all.

My eBook, "The Three Gates: A Foot-in-Mouth Prevention Guide" talks all about the topic of what words to let through our mouths. Hit the "Subscribe" button below if you haven't read it yet - it's free!

The Three Gates is my tool to say no to rogue thoughts and combat unwanted emotions. What do you do when you're stuck in the midst of self-doubt or a tough moment? I'd love to hear your advice!! Please share this post with someone you know who's having a tough time so they can benefit from whatever people share in the comments below. Or perhaps I'll even have the chance to lift them up when I read their story!

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Lana Leigh Wilkens is an author and speaker who helps women discover their authentic family values and challenges them to ask the right questions so they can decide with confidence and conviction.